PRINZ released the latest salary report

PRINZ has released the second Research First PRINZ Insights Survey focussing on remuneration after its first edition in 2018.

The report examines salary and non-monetary benefits as well as employment types, charge out rates and required billable hours for PR and Communications professionals at various sectors and competency levels.

The 2020 PRINZ Salary Insights Report revealed:

  • Agencies have the largest pay gap between staff while central government offers the highest average pay
  • Flexible scheduling is enjoyed by over half of the survey respondents. However, this is likely a trade-off for the hours they are expected to work. Two-thirds work over 40 hours per week, well above what they are contracted for
  • The primary sector the public relations industry services is the government/public sector
  • A third of those surveyed indicate they are looking to move on from their current role within two years
  • Pay rates steadily increase with age and experience. Gender pay equality in the industry is getting closer but still not quite there.

PRINZ CEO Elaine Koller says it’s encouraging to see that the industry’s gender pay gap is getting smaller compared to our data in 2018, but we should not take it for granted.

“As an industry, we need to continue to do our part in advocating for gender pay equality.

Although the survey was closed just before the lockdown, it reflected the fact that the value of public relations is clearly recognised in the public sector, with 28% of total respondents exclusively working in-house, and many other consultants or agency staff also working with government.

Our colleagues in the public sector have successfully demonstrated the industry’s strategic role in the fight against COVID through relentless efforts and effective messaging.“

We also see a clear mismatch between contracted work hours and actual hours worked in the report. Public relations and communications management professionals work hard so we also need to work on improving our work-life balance. To further understand the industry’s mental health level post-COVID, we will focus on mental health and wellbeing in our next PRINZ Insights Survey later this year.”

Note: The PRINZ Salary Survey was undertaken between 11 March and 22 March, before the economic effects of COVID-19 started unfolding.

View 2020 PRINZ Salary Report Summary here.

View 2020 PRINZ Salary Report here (member-only). **As the report is a member-only resource, please log into your profile first to see the full report.

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