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The New Leadership Imperative – are you a transformer in disguise?

Call it what you will, the era that follows COVID-19 is going to need something special. Whether it is ‘build back better’, ‘moving forward’ or ‘survive and thrive’, the something special everyone will need is transformative leadership. But what will that look like and will communication professionals have the courage to step up and lead, helping others to navigate the change, uncertainty, disruption and crises ahead?

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Writing Skills for PR and Communication

Increasingly we want pictures and video rather than text and we’re more likely to see our stories peppered with emoji rather than perfectly punctuated prose. So do we still need the written word in today’s visual and virtual worlds? Yes we do – but we need to approach it in a different way.

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How to be an influencer within your organisation

Communications: everyone has an opinion, and everyone thinks they’re an expert. It’s a problem accountancy and legal teams in organisations rarely encounter, but for communication professionals it can be a common frustration, and it means that – more than any other professional service – we need to be brilliant at influencing.

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The Public Relations Institute of New Zealand Te Pūtahi Whakakakau Tūmatanui o Aotearoa (PRINZ) is the industry body for public relations and communication management professionals in Aotearoa.

We enhance the capability and professionalism of public relations practitioners through professional development opportunities and promote public understanding of public relations through advocacy. PRINZ is committed to professional standards and members are bound by the PRINZ Code of Ethics.

The Institute was established in 1954, and today has a community of over 1,200 members.