About Prinz


Read the PRINZ 2022 Annual Review here.

PRINZ Office

The PRINZ office and staff are based in Auckland.

  • Susanne Martin – Chief Executive
  • Pippa Morris – PR and Marketing Coordinator 
  • Violet Zhang – Membership Marketing Advisor
  • Christine Laycock – Accounts Administrator

PRINZ Board 

PRINZ is governed by a Board of elected and co-opted representatives. Members elect four representatives to sit on the Board. The Board elects the Chair and co-opts five additional Board members. The Board directs the affairs of the Institute in accordance with the PRINZ Constitution and By-Laws.

  • Chair – Heather Claycomb FPRINZ, APR – Elected member
  • Claudia Macdonald LPRINZ – Elected member
  • Denise Mackay FPRINZ, APR – Elected member
  • Makere Carroll – Elected member
  • Fiona Cassidy LPRINZ, APR – Co-opted member
  • Fred Russo APR – Co-opted member
  • Jackie Curtis FPRINZ Co-opted member

PRINZ College of Fellows

Chair – Jackie Curtis FPRINZ

The Institute has four divisions, Northern, Waikato, Central and Southern. Each division has an elected Chair and volunteer committee. The Northern Division is based in Auckland and covers the top half of the North Island down to and including Taupo, excluding Waikato; Waikato based in Hamilton covers the Waikato region; Central is based in Wellington and covers the lower half of the North Island up to but excluding Taupo; Southern is based in Christchurch and covers the South Island.

Northern Division

  • Amanda Vanderkolk
  • Gez Johns
  • Julie Wagner
  • Kate Hayhoe
  • Julie Wagner
  • Monish Bhuvan
  • Paul Patton
  • Ryan Bos

Waikato Division

  • Kate Monahan-Riddell APR (Co-chair)
  • Sarah-Lee Crellin (Co-chair)
  • Alice Wills-Johnson
  • Ben Woodgates (Waikato University student member)
  • Charlotte FitzPatrick APR
  • Heather Claycomb, APR, FPRINZ
  • Seamus Lohrey (Waikato University student member)
  • Simone van Asbeck, APR
  • Vanessa Feaver

Central Division

  • Chair – Morwenna Grills, APR
  • Fiona Cassidy LPRINZ, APR
  • Al Gibbons
  • Ann Liu, APR
  • Lily Ng
  • Miranda Richardson
  • Paula Pollock
  • Tania Seward
  • Bronwyn Bannister

Southern Division

  • Co-chair – Kathryn Ruge, APR
  • Co-Chair – Jessica Sherman (née Cartwright)
  • Jo Scott, APR
  • Laura Jarvis
  • Dan Walraven, APR
  • Hayley Tate
  • Samantha Chapman

PRINZ Regional Representatives

Te Tau Ihu – Jacquie Walters, APR

If you are interested in joining your local divisional committee, please contact the PRINZ Office.

Read the latest PRINZ Constitution document here.