Telling Our Stories Well


In this interactive online workshop, we cover the principles for preparing great media releases, communications materials, and general business content. Our resident editing expert, Julie Shannon, will teach you how to craft engaging stories and convey these in a clear and convincing tone. You’ll also explore different topics and contexts with plenty of ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples from a range of industries.

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The importance of Maaori storytelling: Aukaha News

Kākāriki House, The Wise Group’s Hamilton office, 293 Grey Street, Hamilton East

You are invited to join Waikato PRINZ and Waikato-Tainui for an informative and engaging koorero on Maaori-led news and storytelling, featuring speakers from Waikato Tainui's award-winning newsroom, Aukaha News. Aukaha News recently won the Taho Ao Pāpāho Media Award for their excellent news and storytelling, which covers a wide range of topics. It is proudly by-Maaori-for-Maaori media, which aims to give voice to the unheard and unseen.

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PRINZ 2024 Annual General Meeting


All current members are invited to attend the 2024 PRINZ Annual General Meeting. In a year where there has been much change and uncertainty in our industry join us to see how your industry body fared during these challenging times. This meeting will be conducted online with links sent to registered members the day prior. Election of new board members to replace those completing their current tenure will be included in the agenda

Building collaborative relationships with Māori and iwi organisations

39 Vivian Street, New Plymouth Central, New Plymouth 4310

Join the Taranaki sub-committee of PRINZ at stunning New Plymouth venue Te Whare Hononga as we canvass relationship building with iwi and Māori organisations. Our panel discussion will be facilitated by New Plymouth District Councillor Dinnie Moeahu and include South Taranaki district councillor and Māori creative business owner Tuteri Rangihaeata, Ngā Iwi o Taranaki marketing and communications manager Hayley Olliver and engagement specialist and communications consultant Kelsey Waitere.

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Media Training for PR & Communications Professionals with Mary Lambie

TVNZ - 100 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

As PR and Communications professionals you are constantly putting your clients or your key company personnel in front of the media – maybe it is time for you to experience exactly what that feels like? This course will not only give you the skills to better prepare your clients and colleagues with confidence and expertise, but also give you the skills to front the media for your organisation.

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Building High Performing Comms Teams


This course, led by PRINZ Fellow Tracey Bridges, will explore the challenges that communication teams can face in building influence and relevance within their organisations.

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Public Relations Strategy & Evaluation


As we shift into Generation AI, mastering public relations strategy and evaluation is crucial. Over four mornings, this online course explores the latest methodologies for crafting and assessing effective strategies. With generative AI models reshaping our professional landscape, acquiring these skills is not just beneficial, it is essential if we are to guide organisational leadership with expertise and insight.

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Internal Communications – Innovation Beyond Boundaries

In our brave new world, the connection between machines and humans is transforming organisations, positioning internal communicators as both conduit and counsel. Strong internal relationships are essential for effective external relations. Good internal communication enhances the employee experience, drives change, and builds confidence in organisational culture – but it can’t be left to chance.

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How PR Professionals can bring DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) into their comms practices – Tauranga Breakfast Panel Event

Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Regional House 1 Elizabeth House, Tauranga

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are critical to Public Relations and communications practitioners in Aotearoa. From broadening perspectives through to building trust and credibility, reaching diverse communities and adhering to legal and ethical considerations, hearing from the experts in this space can only enhance your professional output. Hear from 3 advocates of their respective communities on how we can achieve this and more in this local Tauranga breakfast panel event.

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Human-centred Communications Lab


Unleash your creativity and learn how to use empathy as a superpower. At this online workshop from industry experts, you’ll harness new ways to craft compelling stories and connect with a wider range of people. This course is for all communications professionals – at any stage of their career – who want to learn how to gather deep audience insights and use them to positively influence and persuade leaders, build common ground and develop more effective communications strategies.

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Ethics, Risk & Reputation in the Age of AI


We’re mid-way through another blockbuster year for artificial intelligence and the coming months are set to be even more challenging. The tech titans are going head-to-head and, in the race to profit, bad behaviours have emerged. For public relations and communication professionals, AI presents us with technological marvels on the one hand and ethical minefields on the other. We’re the reputation lifeguards in this stormy AI ocean, helping our organisations navigate safely through uncharted waters. You need to know what’s happening, why it is happening and how to keep things safely afloat.

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IC Futures – Inside Internal Communication


The workplace is dead. Long live the workplace. The tectonic plates of COVID19, automation and artificial intelligence have collided and changed the workplace for good. Internal communicators have been the ‘first responders’ through this seismic shift, guiding their organisations through the upheaval and navigating the tumultuous change.

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