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How to be an influencer within your organisation

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Communications: everyone has an opinion, and everyone thinks they’re an expert. It’s a problem accountancy and legal teams in organisations rarely encounter, but for communication professionals it can be a common frustration, and it means that – more than any other professional service – we need to be brilliant at influencing.

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Intercultural Competency

EMA 145 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland

The link between culture and our work as communicators is inseparable.
In our roles, we are responsible for building and maintaining organisational relationships. This can’t be done in an authentic manner without first understanding the values, beliefs, motivations, and communication needs of our increasingly diverse publics.

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PR Strategy and Evaluation – Leading the Way

EMA 145 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland

In the aftermath of 2020, organisations of all types are looking for a new direction as they navigate through continued uncertainty and unpredictability. The best starting point is a clear strategy that leads the way.

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