Global Alliance launches the 2021 Global PR & Communication Model

  • A new roadmap for enhancing the role of PR and Corporate Communication
  • Structure the PR & Comm job around five strategic building blocks
  • A practical guide for achieving the most relevant outcomes for operating in every market in the 21st century: differentiation, reputation, trust with stakeholders.
  • With the collaborative and participatory efforts of a network of 1,400 professionals on 5 different regions

Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management and Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership has unveiled today The Global PR and Communication Model, a new way to guide the job or PR and Communication professionals all over the world.

The Model is structured around five strategic Building Blocks that generate and protect value in today’s world: corporate purpose, brand and corporate culture, reputation and reputational risks, communications and connected intelligence and intangible asset metrics. These Building Blocks enable organisations to achieve the differentiation, engagement, advocacy, trust and social legitimacy that they now require in order to maintain their license to operate.

“With the collaborative and participatory efforts of a network of 1,400 professionals on five different regions, this has been a global consensus-based research on the present and future of the role and value of public relations and communications management. The core of our professions strength is our ability to build relationships, that connect us everywhere around the world” said Justin Green, President of Global Alliance.

“The world is in a period of complete transformation because of the new intangible economy, and we needed a new direction by taking reputation and intangible assets as its focus” stated Ángel Alloza, CEO Corporate Excellence and Academic Research Director of Global Alliance. According to Alloza, who led the project, the research and the report, together with Clara Fontán and the great  team at Corporate Excellence, “the Model emerges as a practical roadmap to help organisations and professionals achieve their most important and relevant outcomes for operating in every market in the 21st century: to achieve lasting differentiation, build a solid reputation, and consolidate trust with stakeholders, which means at the end of the day broadening your licence to operate”.

“Developing this model, which is an evolution of the Melbourne Mandate, the Global Alliance is serving its mission: to create global standards to elevate our profession”, stated José Manuel Velasco, Immediate Past Chair and leader of the steering committee of the project. “The Model looks at the future of our function providing strong reasons to deserve a position in the executive committee of any kind of organisations”, added.

The Model also consolidates the Stockholm Accords (2010) and the Melbourne Mandate (2012) and integrates the Global Capability Framework developed in partnership with Huddersfield University in 2018.

The Model aims to enable organisations and professionals worldwide to improve their leadership and business decision-making process while promoting a real and authentic connection with their stakeholders for the post-COVID-19 world.

The project today unveiled has the support of LLYC, the leading PR company in Spain and Latin America. LLYC “strive to improve the world around us, firmly believing honest, intelligent, innovative and efficient communications foster confidence and understanding among people, companies and institutions—in other words, the foundations of economic and social progress. In this way, we contribute to solving many of the challenges of our times”.

Developed by Global Alliance in partnership with Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, as knowledge partner, a leading research, knowledge and training non-profit organisation specialised in the management and measurement of intangible assets, and with the sponsor contribution of LLYC, a global communications and public affairs consulting firm, this model defines the roadmap and building blocks of the functions of PR and Communications that contributes to the creation of differentiation, reputation, trust and social legitimacy.

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