Guide for social media influencers and commentators talking about money online

For consumers, social media influencers, bloggers and anyone wanting to discuss money matters online

For many of us, financial affairs have traditionally been treated as personal matters, OK to discuss with professionals like financial advisers, bankers and accountants but not so much with strangers. However, things are changing, with millions of people now connecting online to talk about money, budgeting, investing and spending.

These new conversations can widen our access to financial knowledge and help people get support to achieve financial goals. The rise of online investment platforms and social media channels supporting big online communities means a whole range of financial topics are being discussed.

However, we need to be wary of advice and commentary from people when we don’t know who they are or whether their views are worth listening to.

Sometimes, talking about money or investing can cross over into providing financial advice. There are strict rules around providing regulated financial advice in New Zealand that apply to everyone and it pays to know about them.

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) created the guide following concerns that some people may be straying into regulated financial advice – for this you need a licence from the FMA. Download the guide below.

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