Detailed Information

Brainchild is a forward-thinking PR & content agency. Based in the Waikato, Brainchild works with clients all around New Zealand to tell stories that influence, spark action and connect businesses with their customers. Because telling a great story is not enough- it is what people do with the story you are telling that matters in business.

Stories have always been at the heart of any good strategy or brand. There are now just more channels available for brands to reach consumers.

We are the thread that pulls all aspects of our clients’ marketing/communications together. Whether it is a well-placed news article, a targeted influencer campaign or a professional video – we use great narratives and an integrated approach to connect businesses with the right people.

You could say we are ‘channel fluid’.

Services include:

  • Media relations
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation (including video and design where needed)
  • Copywriting
  • Event management
  • Influencer engagement
  • Social media
  • Brand voice development
Key Contacts

Angela March
021 182 4820