Code of ethics confirmation


Public relations professionals use communications to develop or maintain trusting, productive relationships between our clients or employers and their stakeholders. We promote the views of those we represent to contribute to public debate and informed decision making in a democratic society.

We balance our role as advocates for individuals or groups with the public interest. We must also balance a commitment to promote open communication with the privacy rights of individuals and organisations.

All members of PRINZ are bound by the Code of Ethics, making the commitment on joining and annually when they renew their membership. The PRINZ Member Register is a publicly searchable list of all current members of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand.

The PRINZ Code of Ethics
• Regulates the conduct of the PR practitioner in their relationship to their client;
• Regulates their relationship with other members and the profession itself;
• Imposes obligations in relation to the public.

Key principles in the code include honesty, professionalism and balancing openness and privacy. From a practical viewpoint, the Code provides an actionable framework that guides members in their day to day behaviours and decision making.

View and download the full PRINZ Code of Ethics here.

View the Global Alliance Code of Ethics here.

View the PRINZ Guidelines for Online Engagement here.

Making a complaint against a PRINZ member.

Anyone can bring a complaint against a member under the PRINZ Code of Ethics. Read more on the complaints process here. For further information or advice on the PRINZ Code of Ethics, please contact the PRINZ Chief Executiveand download .