NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards are open for entry

The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, which have been running for 17 years, recognise and celebrate success in sustainability.

They are free to enter and open to anyone in New Zealand. They’re a great way to celebrate your sustainability progress.

One of the awards categories is ‘Communicating for Change’. 

This award, sponsored by Cadence Communications, will recognise an organisation communicating sustainability effectively to inspire change.

People want to know about what the good businesses are doing. They want easily-accessible information to help them make purchasing choices and to change their behaviour. Sustainability is more than making sure you have your own house in order. It’s also about effectively communicating what you do, to the right people, through the right channels, to inspire people to act differently.

This award will be presented to an organisation that is communicating sustainability through effective use of communication channels and audiences with measurable results.

Entries close on 14 June. 

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